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posted by Frank Wilson on Monday, 09 July 2018 in Metal Fabrication

Welded Assembly Manufacturer

Are you looking for a metal manufacturer to produce your product or metal part? Look no further than than the industry leading team at AWC Industries for weldments and welded assemblies.

AWC Industries we produce welded assemblies and all types of weldments. Our areas of expertise include GMAW and GTAW, more commonly known as mig and tig welding, resistance welding which includes spot welding, grid welding, butt welding, “T” welding, and stud welding.

What’s the difference between Mig and Tig Welding?

The major difference between Mig and Tig welding is that one process uses a continuously feeding wire (MIG) and the other you use long welding rods and slowly feed them into the weld puddle (TIG). MIG and TIG welding both use an electric arc to make the weld.

Advantages of Welding

  1. No hole is required for welding
  2. Reduced overall weight of the structure.
  3. Less material is required.
  4. It is more than that of the riveted joint.
  5. The speed of fabrication is faster in comparison

AWC Welder in factory

We serve a wide range of industries for our welded assemblies including (but not limited to):

Food & Beverage Equipment
Lawn & Garden
Material Handling
Storage Systems
Food Service

Our objective at AWC Industries is to provide you with fast and quality service to help you meet your production needs and get your products out to your customers! Contact us today for a quote on your project or production run. Find out more on our welded assemblies, including shapes, processes and finishes here.

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