Tube Bending

tube bendingCNC Custom Tube Bending and Fabricating (Up To 3 inch Diameter)

At AWC Industries, your one stop source for metal fabricating and finishing, we specialize in high quality CNC tube bending and fabrication, up to and including 3 inch diameter. We provide tube bending of ferrous and non-ferrous materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass. We are capable of handling both high volume production runs, and small orders.

With our state of the art fabricating and tube bending equipment, we can assist you on any projects and provide the fastest turnaround time for the production of your products. Some of our typical tube bending products include dipstick tubes, pull handles, lifting handles, and bleacher end rails. Our objective at AWC Industries is to provide fast and quality tube bending service to help you meet your production needs and get your products out to your customers!


Equipment Utilized

Pines CNC Mandrel Tube Benders
Pines CNC Draw Tube Benders
Pines CNC Press Tube Benders
Vaill Tube End Formers
Parker End Finishers
Tauring 3 Ring Tube Rollers


Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel




Up to 3″ diameter tube bending
Up to 2″ square tube bending
Up to 3″ diameter tube rolling
Up to 3″ diameter swaging


Mandrel Bending
Press Bending
End Forming
Ring Rolling
Laser Cutting
GMAW Welding
GTAW Welding
Resistance Welding
In-house Powder Coating
Assembly and Packaging


Powder Coating In-house
Zinc Plating Available
Chrome Plating Available

Typical Products

Chair Frames
Furniture Frames
Dipstick Tubes
Seat Frames
Pull Handles
Push Handles
Lifting Handles
Carrying Frames
Support Legs
Tubular Legs
Tubular Rings
Spreader Frames
Storage Units
Work Stands
Bleacher End Rails
Display Racks
Hand Rails

Typical Run Size

250 pieces through high volume production.

Applied Software


Preferred Drawing Submission


Quality Assurance

ISO 9001:2008

Special Packaging

Bulk Packaging
Custom Labeling
Damage Protection
Indivdual Bagging
Instruction Sheets
Rust Preventative

Industries Served

Food & Beverage Equipment
Lawn & Garden
Material Handling
Storage Systems
Food Service

More Information

Tube Bending

Tube bending is a process where metal tubes are bent into desired shapes and sizes. This can be done manually by using expensive tools but it is much more efficient if done with computer controlled CNC tube bending machines. These machines are designed to produce high quality bends that are accurate as well as precise in nature which makes them ideal for many applications including structural supports, aerospace applications and much more

CNC Tube Bending

The CNC tube bending machine is among the latest innovations in metal fabrication technology. These machines use computer-controlled and automated technology to bend metal tubes with excellent precision, using a PLC system to control the process. The PLC system is usually pre-programmed, meaning that your production line can be designed and programmed ahead of time. This means that your operator has no need for manual intervention, so there’s less chance of human error.

Computer controlled Tube Bending

The computer controlled and automated equipment has made it possible to bend metal tubes with excellent precision. The machine is usually controlled by a PLC system which consists of a pre-programmed computer that can be used to undertake the bending process with ease.

PLC System Tube Bending

PLC systems are used to control machines and processes. They are programmed to perform a variety of tasks, such as controlling CNC tube bending machines. Other examples include controlling robotic arms, automated manufacturing equipment and other types of machinery. PLCs can be programed using software that is specific to the brand and model of controller being used.

If you would like to get the best results from this bending process, there are some things you should keep in mind.

If you would like to get the best results from this bending process, there are some things you should keep in mind.

  • Make sure you have a clear idea about what you need to achieve from your design needs before deciding which type of CNC tube bending machines should be used. This will ensure that you get the right equipment to handle the job in question without any issues.
  • Make sure that your machinery is set up properly and maintained regularly so that it will perform well throughout its lifetime.

This will ensure that you get the right equipment to handle the job in question without any issues.

It is important to get the right equipment for every job that you take on. Not only will this help ensure that you get the job done quickly, but it also helps to ensure that your customers are satisfied. If they are not happy with how something was done, then they may not do business with you again or recommend your services to others.

By taking time out of each day to evaluate the equipment needs of your company, you can make sure that all projects are completed efficiently and effectively by using the most appropriate tools and materials available. This will save both time and money while ensuring a high level of quality assurance at each step along the way!

You will also be able to find out how much it will cost and what you can expect as far as quality is concerned.

Another thing you will learn from this article is how much it will cost to purchase a PVC bending machine. The cost of these machines varies depending on their size and quality, so you should be prepared to spend $500 for one that is mid-sized and has good reviews online. You should also consider the quality of the parts that make up your bending machine before purchasing it; after all, if they break down too quickly then there’s no point in having bought them in the first place!

Keep in mind that not all companies provide great customer service when it comes time for repairs or replacements (if necessary). If someone tells you “no worries—we’ll fix this” but doesn’t follow through with their promise then don’t buy from them again! I’ve heard horror stories about how some companies will send out defective products just so they can get more customers through word-of-mouth advertising…so buyer beware!


It is important to be aware of the different types of CNC tube bending machines available in the market. This will help you make an informed decision about which one would be best suited for your project requirements. The machine should also be able to meet your budget requirements so as not to overspend by buying something that won’t work for what you need it for.

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