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posted by Frank Wilson on Monday, 13 March 2023 in Metal Fabrication

Illinois Laser Cutting

Many options exist for cutting the parts and components your business needs. When it comes to finding the right laser cutting company, quality, speed and precision should be top priority.

Chicago Laser Cutting Company

AWC Industries’ Laser Cutting services offer a cost-effective and on-demand solution for your manufacturing needs. We are your one stop source for metal fabricating and finishing, we provide laser cutting of ferrous and non-ferrous materials such as steel, aluminum, and stainless steel, in addition to our other fabricating services.

Thickness Range Specs

Our thickness cutting range is from .020 inches to .750 inches on a 60 inch X 120 inch table size for maximum sheet yield and affordability. We are capable of providing 2D and 3D cutting of tubes as well as C, H, I, and L beams.

State-of-the-art Laser Cutting Technology

Using Bystronics Laser Technology, we can cut precision parts to meet your specifications, resulting in a fast turnaround time (usually 1 week).

A Name You Can Trust

With over 76 years of experience, at AWC Industries you can rest assure you’re with a reliable company as we are ISO 9001:2015 Certified & OEM Approved Supplier!

Laser Cutting Quote

Our objective at AWC Industries is to provide you with fast and quality service to help you meet your production needs and get your products out to your customers! Your project is unique, and so is our company. If you’re looking for the best, contact the laser cutting experts here at AWC Industries today. cnc wire forming

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