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posted by Frank Wilson on Monday, 18 July 2022 in Metal Fabrication

Illinois Tube Bending

AWC Industries is the Midwest’s leader in the custom bending, fabricating, and end forming of metal tubing. We specialize in high quality CNC brass, steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper tube bending and fabrication.

Whether you need a curve or a specific angle, our selection of benders will do the trick. Ideal for various industries, including aviation, marine, aerospace, automotive, industrial, architectural, and more. When tight schedules and precise manufacturing matter, AWC has you covered. 

tube bending company

How We Do It

Tube bending is what we do best. We use a combination of mandrel tube benders, press tube benders, draw tube benders, Vaill tube end formers and Tauring 3 ring tube rollers to produce our finished goods. Our state of the art CNC tube bending and fabricating facilities can produce the highest quality finished goods and we can bend and fabricate metal tubes of up to 3 inch diameter.

No matter what shape of metal tube you want, whether it is round, oval, square or rectangle, we can help you meet your needs. Besides bending tubes into various types of desirable shapes, we also provide them with fine finishing either with chrome plating, zinc plating or powder coating.

The AWC Difference

Our reputation for delivery of complete jobs on-time with 100% acceptance, is unsurpassed in our industry. We take pride in committing to rush production schedules without compromise to our ISO 9001 compliant quality standards. When you get in touch with us, we will try and understand your specific requirements and make sure that your project priorities are duly met with. By working with us, you can be rest assured that your technical projects will achieve the highest zenith of success. Our technical team can provide you with the best expertise in the industry.

Furthermore, with our state of the art fabricating equipment, we can assist you on any projects and provide the fastest turnaround time for the production of your products.

Select from our various equipment, comprised of industrial hydraulic pipe benders, hydraulic roll cage pipe benders, hydraulic roll cage tube benders, exhaust pipe tube benders, and dies. With countless years of experience in the metalworking industry, we are the preferred choice in the midwest. Shop our collection of pipe tube benders here today.

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