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posted by Frank Wilson on Sunday, 21 May 2023 in Metal Fabrication

Looking for a Wire Forming Quote?

Able to handle the most complicated wire form components, AWC Industries’ in-house wire forming capabilities offer you the round wire, square wire, and shaped wire options you need at an affordable price. If you are searching for a quote for your next wire-forming project, contact the #1 Wire Forming Experts in the Midwest, AWC Industries. 

Experience You Can Trust

Since 1947, CNC Wire Forming is what we do best. We provide wire bending and wire forming of ferrous and non-ferrous materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass. Utilizing only the finest CNC Forming equipment, we are capable of handling high-volume production runs, but can also handle small orders. Some of our typical products include push handles, countertop display racks, decorative wire forms, grids and wire grills. Our objective at AWC Industries is to provide fast and quality service to help you meet your production needs and get your products out to your customers!

Wire Forming Processes We Do Best

AWC Industries is one of the most experienced and successful wire forming firms in North America. We design and manufacture custom wire bending equipment, including extrusion systems, punch machines, and trimming equipment. We also offer a full range of services related to wire forming.

  • Bending
  • Forming
  • Flattening
  • Punching
  • Drilling
  • Coining
  • Threading
  • Straightening & Cutting
  • GMAW Welding
  • GTAW Welding
  • Resistance Welding
  • In-house Powder Coating
  • Assembly and Packaging

Industries We Serve

  • Construction
  • Food & Beverage Equipment
  • Medical
  • Dunnage
  • Agriculture
  • Appliance
  • Display
  • Furniture
  • Housewares
  • Lawn & Garden
  • Material Handling
  • Recreation
  • Storage Systems
  • Household
  • Food Service
  • Transportation

CNC Wire Forming

Midwest Wire Forming Quote

CNC wire forming is the process of bending wire using a computer-controlled machine. CNC wire forming machines can bend wire in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be used to form large, complex shapes.

High-Volume Wire Forming and Machining
Wire forming is a process that allows you to create a shape from a piece of metal wire. The process is used in many industries, including automotive, aerospace and medical. Wire forming can be done on an automated machine (CNC).

When wire forming, you first need to determine the length and diameter of your desired product before making any cuts on the material. Once you have made these initial measurements, you will then start feeding the raw material into your machine with either an automatic feeder or manually by hand. When feeding your raw materials into the machine, they will come through what is called an eye roller which grabs onto each wire segment and pushes it forward into the next station, where it gets bent or formed into shape depending upon what type of tooling has been installed onto that particular station for bending purposes (loop dies or coil springs).

Large-Bend Wire Forming

Large-bend wire forming is a process that uses a metal plate to form metal tubes into different shapes and sizes. These tubes are often used in the automotive industry, but they can be used for many other applications as well.

Benefits of Large-Bend Wire Forming:

  • It’s fast, efficient, and cost-effective
  • The process creates uniform bends at an increased speed

Applications of Large-Bend Wire Forming:

  • Automotive components (such as assemblies)
  • Roof rack systems

Small-Bend Wire Forming

Small-bend wire forming is a process that can be used to make small-radius bends in metal wires. The small bend is created by feeding the metal through a series of dies in a machine. Most small-bend machines use multiple dies so that several bends are made at one time, but some designs include only one die for making multiple bends.

The purpose of this type of bending is to create more complex shapes out of straight wire than could be done by hand or with larger machines. It’s often used for making jewelry, but it can also be employed for constructing things like car parts and other industrial components.

Computerized Bending Equipment

Computerized Bending Equipment is the most efficient way to bend wire. Wire bending machines are used for many different applications, including making jewelry, shaping weapons and tools, creating musical instruments and electronics. These machines use computer numerical control (CNC) technology to precisely adjust their angles and positions. This allows them to create any shape of bend that you need from your wire or sheet metal. Wire bending machines can also be used in combination with other manufacturing equipment such as laser cutters for even more customization options!

Contact Us Today

When you get in touch with us, we will try and understand your specific requirements and make sure that your project priorities are duly met with. By working with us, you can be rest assured that your technical projects will achieve the highest zenith of success. Our technical team can provide you with the best expertise in the industry, and you can expect your finished goods at the earliest turnaround time.

We can’t wait to show you why we’re the number one trusted CNC Wire Forming Company in Illinois and beyond. So contact us here for a fast, fair quote on your wire forming project needs today.

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