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posted by Frank Wilson on Monday, 07 November 2022 in Metal Fabrication

Stainless Steel Tube Bending

AWC Industries are experts in all tube bending; but especially steel tube bending and stainless steel tube bending.

Our state of the art CNC steel tube bending and fabricating facilities can produce the highest quality finished goods and we can bend and fabricate steel metal tubes of up to 3 inch diameter.

Steel tube bending

Steel tube bending

About Bending Steel

Steel is an alloy made up of iron with typically a few tenths of a percent of carbon to improve its strength and fracture resistance compared to other forms of iron. Many other elements may be present or added. Stainless steels that are corrosion– and oxidation-resistant typically need an additional 11% chromium. Because of its high tensile strength and low cost, steel is used in buildingsinfrastructuretoolsshipstrainscarsmachineselectrical appliancesweapons, and rockets.

Stainless Steel Tube Bending

At AWC Industries, your one stop source for metal fabricating and finishing, we specialize in high quality CNC tube bending and fabrication, up to and including 3 inch diameter.

We use a combination of mandrel tube benders, press tube benders, draw tube benders, Vaill tube end formers and Tauring 3 ring tube rollers to produce our finished goods. No matter what shape of metal tube you want, whether it is round, oval, square or rectangle, we can help you meet your needs. Besides bending steel tubes into various types of desirable shapes, we also provide them with fine finishing either with chrome plating, zinc plating or powder coating.

As well as steel, we provide tube bending of ferrous and non-ferrous materials such as brass, aluminum and copper. We are capable of handling both high volume production runs, and small orders.

With our state of the art fabricating equipment, we can assist you on any projects and provide the fastest turnaround time for the production of your products.

Contact us today for a Tube Bending Quote today.

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