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posted by Frank Wilson on Friday, 17 November 2017 in Metal Fabrication

Students Shaping The Future of Metal Fabrication

It has become rather cheesy and cliche, but the phrase “the children are our future” still rings true. Today’s youth are learning more and more every day about the metal fabrication industry, and educators everywhere are helping to make sure that they are successful.

Getting An Early Start

The University of Jamestown recently hosted many local high schools for an event called “Manufacturing Day”. The local Jamestown Sun wrote an article describing the day’s development. The event consisted of networking with many real life professionals in the industry of manufacturing, which was a great way to showcase the field of study.

Speaker, Steven Aesoph, recounted his own personal experience of how he obtained a career in manufacturing. He told the audience of how he struggled to find exactly where he fit in as a student. Aesoph admitted to changing his major twice in college and upon graduating with a degree in retail banking, he said that his ending in manufacturing was “good fortune”.

Aesoph stressed the importance of finding your passion early. He reminded students to look around and utilize every resource available to them, so that they can achieve whatever it is they truly desire from a career.

Iris Brandt, a counselor for Midkota School District, told the Jamestown Sun that, “Students with an aptitude and interest for agriculture, food production, metal fabrication, mineral processing or wood fabrication need to know that there are opportunities in their own backyard”. Her words remind us all that great potential can come from anywhere, and all you need to do is seek it out.

Industry Impacts

Raw talent is consistently brought into the job market every year. These young individuals are finding new and incredible ways to solve problems and create solutions within the metal fabrication industry.

The many services that we offer here at AWC such as tube bending, wire forming, and laser cutting could not exist without the knowledgeable and experienced persons on our staff. These individuals, when combined with our state of the art fabricating equipment, present the highly specialized AWC Industries that our clients have come to know and love.

We greatly support the continued education of students everywhere who are interested in manufacturing, and metal fabrication specifically. Hopefully one day we may be fortunate enough to hire some of the best and brightest out there right now. Anyone interested in applying to work with AWC Industries is highly encouraged to take a look at jobs available on our website by clicking HERE.

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