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posted by Frank Wilson on Monday, 24 April 2023 in Metal Fabrication

The Amazing Benefits of CNC Tube Bending

Discover the CNC Tube Bending Advantage with AWC Industries – Your One-Stop Solution for Precision Tube Bending.

AWC Industries is the Midwest’s leader in the custom bending, fabricating, and end forming of metal tubing. We specialize in high-quality CNC brass, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper tube bending and fabrication.

CNC tube bending

Whether you need a curve or a specific angle, our selection of benders will do the trick. Ideal for various industries, including aviation, marine, aerospace, automotive, industrial, architectural, and more. When tight schedules and precise manufacturing matter, AWC has you covered.

In this week’s blog, we’ll explore the numerous benefits of CNC tube bending and how AWC Industries has mastered this art to create perfect bends for a variety of industries.

  1. What is CNC Tube Bending?

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) tube bending is a precision manufacturing process that involves manipulating metal tubes using computer-controlled machinery. This process enables manufacturers to create complex, high-quality bends in tubes made of various materials, such as steel, aluminum, and copper. The versatility and accuracy of CNC tube bending make it an indispensable tool in many industries, including aerospace, automotive, construction, and medical equipment.

  1. AWC Industries: The CNC Tube Bending Experts

AWC Industries is a Chicago-based company that specializes in CNC tube bending and other metal fabrication services. With over 70 years of experience, AWC Industries has become a trusted partner for businesses in need of high-quality, precise tube bending services. By combining cutting-edge technology with our skilled workforce, AWC Industries ensures that every project is completed to the highest standards.

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  1. Benefits of CNC Tube Bending with AWC Industries

a) Precision and Accuracy CNC tube bending offers unparalleled precision and accuracy, ensuring that each bend is consistent and meets the required specifications. AWC Industries utilizes advanced CNC machinery to achieve precise bends, even in complex geometries.

b) Versatility CNC tube bending can accommodate a wide range of tube materials, sizes, and shapes. AWC Industries offers bending services for tubes with diameters up to and including 3 inches, making us a go-to source for various industries.

c) Reduced Material Waste CNC tube bending is an efficient process that minimizes material waste. AWC Industries’ advanced machinery ensures that each bend is optimized, reducing the need for secondary trimming and cutting operations.

d) Faster Production CNC tube bending is a streamlined process that allows for quick production of high-quality bends. AWC Industries’ state-of-the-art equipment, combined with our skilled workforce, enables them to complete projects efficiently and on time.

e) Cost-Effectiveness The precision, speed, and reduced waste of CNC tube bending ultimately result in cost savings for businesses. AWC Industries offers competitive pricing and reliable services, ensuring clients receive the best value for their investments.


CNC tube bending is an essential process in modern manufacturing, providing businesses with a reliable and efficient method for creating complex tube bends. AWC Industries is a leading expert in CNC tube bending, offering high-quality, precision services to a wide range of industries. By choosing AWC Industries for your tube bending needs, you can enjoy the numerous benefits of CNC tube bending, including precision, accuracy, versatility, reduced material waste, faster production, and cost-effectiveness.

The AWC Difference

Our reputation for delivery of complete jobs on-time with 100% acceptance is unsurpassed in our industry. We take pride in committing to rush production schedules without compromising to our ISO 9001-compliant quality standards. When you get in touch with us, we will try and understand your specific requirements and make sure that your project priorities are duly met with. By working with us, you can rest assured that your technical projects will achieve the highest zenith of success. Our technical team can provide you with the best expertise in the industry.

Furthermore, with our state-of-the-art fabricating equipment, we can assist you on any project and provide the fastest turnaround time for the production of your products.

Select from our various equipment, comprised of industrial hydraulic pipe benders, hydraulic roll cage pipe benders, hydraulic roll cage tube benders, exhaust pipe tube benders, and dies. With countless years of experience in the metalworking industry, we are the preferred choice in the Midwest. Learn more about our pipe tube benders and get a free, fair, and fast quote here today.


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