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posted by Frank Wilson on Thursday, 01 February 2018 in Metal Fabrication

Tube Bending Picture of the Week: Square Tube Miter Bend

As always, AWC Industries is here to keep you up to date on the best practices within the metal fabrication industry. With more than 70 years of experience, our staff certainly knows a thing or two about metal fabrication and tube bending.

Providing the Finest Tube Bending Services

AWC tube bending services are unmatched by any other competitor. Much of this success has to do with the fact that our company has a long standing commitment to providing the highest quality products available. We use state of the art equipment to utilize each and every piece of material that we shape.

The advanced machinery we use allows us to produce CNC custom tube bends and fabrications of up to 3 inches in diameter. Our most popular tube bending products include: flanges, connecting tubes, round tubes, and square tubes like our square tube miter bend.

What is a Miter Bend?

According to an article published by Marine Insight, “A Miter bend is a bend which is made by cutting pipe ends at an angle and joining the pipe ends. A true miter bend is a 90 degree bend made by cutting two pipes at 45 degrees and joining them by welding.  Similarly three pipes cut at 22.5 degrees will give a 90 degree miter bend.”

This type of product is used incredibly often. A miter bend tube or pipe can be used to easily transport materials to another area, such as gas or oil. This sort of bend is also often used in the assembly of more complex machinery. The options are practically endless when it comes to the miter bend.

Tube Bending Professionals of AWC Industries

If you are in need of any sort of metal fabrication services, we sincerely hope that you will reach out to one of our representatives here at AWC Industries. Not only do we provide excellent service in the area of tube bending, but we are also extremely capable in handling projects regarding laser cutting, wire forming, powder coating, welded assemblies, and other forms of sheet metal fabrication.

To speak with an AWC expert about your next metal fabrication project, please call us anytime at (773) 745-0116. You can also fill out a request on our website to receive a complimentary quote on your next project. To fill out this form, please click HERE.

Thank you, and we look forward to working with you soon!

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