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posted by Frank Wilson on Monday, 17 January 2022 in Metal Fabrication

#WeAreAWC: Tube Bending Specialists

With an array of leading-edge CNC pipe and tube bending machine technology and tooling, we are able to handle multiple projects with diverse needs, with flexibility for pipe and tube bending in Illinois and across the United States. 

At AWC Industries, we specialize in high quality CNC wire bending and fabrication, in addition to our other fabricating services. Just as you strive to remain competitive in your industry, we work hard to stay on top of ours. When you entrust us with your project, you can be certain you will receive quality results.

Our precision metal fabrication capabilities provide our customers with access to a wide variety of options to meet their unique specifications on time and on budget.

We provide wire bending of ferrous and non-ferrous materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass. Utilizing only the finest CNC Forming equipment, we are capable of handling high volume production runs, but can also handle small orders. Some of our typical products include push handles, counter top display racks, decorative wire forms, grids and wire grills. Our objective at AWC Industries is to provide fast and quality service to help you meet your production needs and get your products out to your customers!

For complex jobs, we utilize the best equipment, materials, processes and finishes in the business. Our typical products span from wire chair frames to wire light guards and wire display hooks; in industries from medical to construction. Wire forming is in our blood and we do it best!

As we welcome the 3rd generation into our family business, many things have changed, but our mission statement – QUALITY AS A WAY OF LIFE- will always remain the same. Just like our father believed all those years ago, excellent quality & outstanding customer service has and will always be the key to our continuing success.

No matter what your project requires, AWC Industries has the equipment and experienced personnel to meet your requirement. Contact the Illinois wire forming experts today!

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