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posted by Frank Wilson on Friday, 24 November 2017 in Metal Fabrication

Wire Forming Picture of the Week – Frame Wireform

At AWC Industries, we manufacture all kinds of different products through specialized metal fabrication. Our state of the art technologies allow us to produce high quality materials using tube bending, wire forming, laser cutting, and more.

Wire Forming at AWC

AWC Industries offers many different services inside of the metal fabrication industry other than wire forming. Our frame wireform is one of our most popular products. Its versatility makes it a very desirable type of wireform.

If you should ever find yourself in need of tube bending, wire forming, laser cutting, welded assemblies, sheet metal, or powder coating services, we hope you will reach out to us.

Click HERE to receive a free quote on your next project from AWC Industries today! Our friendly representatives are here to give you the very best experience possible. We will always work with you to make sure that all of your expectations are met to the very best of our abilities.

Or, give us a call at 773-745-0116 to speak with a representative directly. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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