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posted by Frank Wilson on Wednesday, 03 January 2018 in Metal Fabrication

Chicago Metal Fabrication Services You Can Count on in 2018

2018 is officially here and at AWC Industries we are looking forward to another successful year of offering the best metal fabrication services in Chicago! We have some incredible clients that have made our past successes possible a large part of our operation revolves around providing amazing customer service!

AWC Industries is your one stop source for all metal fabrication and finishing services in the Chicagoland! Our primary metal fabrication services include Tube Bending, Wire Forming, Laser Cutting, Powder Coating, Sheet Metal, and Welded Assemblies.

We utilize the best materials, equipment, processes and finishes in the industry. Our typical products span from wire chair frames to wire light guards and wire display hooks. We provide metal fabrication services to numerous industries such as construction, medical, appliance, furniture, and many more.

AWC Industries has the equipment and experienced personnel to meet any metal fabrication requirement. Contact us today and Request a Quote on your next project!

Chicago Metal Fabrication Services You Can Count on in 2018

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