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posted by Frank Wilson on Tuesday, 21 November 2023 in Metal Fabrication

Discover the Art of Tube Bending and Metal Fabrication

At AWC Industries, we’ve built a reputation as a reliable and valued tube bending and wire forming partner. Our customers rely on us for our seamless integration into their operations, ensuring confidence in every project.

Utilizing advanced robotic and CNC tube bending technology, we excel in creating intricate, precision tubular components. Our capabilities include reverse engineering from samples with cutting-edge measuring tools, as well as fabricating from customer-provided models. Partner with us to bring your technical projects to the pinnacle of success, backed by our industry-leading expertise and commitment to rapid turnaround times.

Understanding Tube Bending

Tube bending is an essential process in shaping metal tubes for various functions, vital in sectors like aerospace, construction, military, and furniture. AWC Industries is a leader in premium metal bending, fabrication, and finishing. We handle a range of materials, including aluminum, brass, copper, steel, and stainless steel. Our advanced CNC tube bending and fabrication facilities can manage tubes up to 3 inches in diameter, ensuring top-quality results.

Our Approach

We employ a diverse array of equipment – mandrel tube benders, press tube benders, draw tube benders, Vaill tube end formers, and Tauring 3-ring tube rollers. Our capability extends to shaping tubes of various cross-sections, including round, oval, square, and rectangle. Our finishing options, such as chrome plating, zinc plating, or powder coating, add the perfect final touch to your projects.

Precision in Every Bend

Our focus at AWC Industries is precision tube bending for intricate assemblies across numerous industries. Our CNC precision tube bending services cater to any size and quantity of bends. We also offer custom tube bending, tailored to exact client specifications. Our portfolio includes furniture frames, dipstick tubes, tubular legs, lifting handles, display racks, spreader frames, pull handles, bleacher end rails, and more. Our services are integral to industries including agriculture, military, medical, automotive, and aerospace.

Our commitment at AWC Industries is delivering the highest quality finished goods, aligning with our steadfast dedication to quality and exceptional customer service. This ethos has positioned us as industry leaders. For more information on our Precision CNC Tube Bending services and to discover how we can assist your projects in 2024 and beyond, contact us today. We’re excited to partner with you.

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