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posted by Frank Wilson on Friday, 29 March 2024 in Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication with Cutting-Edge CNC Wire Forming Technology

At AWC Industries, we seamlessly integrate state-of-the-art CNC technology, extensive manufacturing expertise, and rigorous quality control into our wire forming operations, mirroring the excellence we deliver in our custom tube bending services. 

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Wire forming stands as a pivotal process essential for bending metal into custom shapes tailored to various manufacturing needs. AWC Industries specializes in providing bespoke wire forming solutions catering to diverse industries, including the medical sector. Our proficient team, supported by reliable machinery, is committed to meeting your exacting standards, ensuring that every wire bending project yields superior quality results. 

Tailored Wire Forming Solutions

Our custom medical wire forming process facilitates the manufacture of a myriad of components crucial for medical devices. These wire forms serve as standalone components or integrate seamlessly into larger assemblies, contributing to the functionality of the final medical devices. 

Moreover, our expertise extends across an array of metals, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and brass, ensuring versatility in material selection. During the custom wire forming process, our adept team can fashion wires into diverse shapes, including round, flat, square, or any custom-designed profile, catering precisely to your requirements.

Advanced Wire Forming and Bending

AWC Industries serves as a trusted contract manufacturer for OEMs and research entities within the medical device industry. Leveraging a blend of mandrel wire benders, press wire benders, draw wire benders, Vaill wire end formers, and Tauring 3 ring wire rollers, we craft superior-quality finished goods. Whether you seek wires bent into round, oval, square, or rectangular shapes, we possess the expertise to fulfill your needs. Additionally, our services extend beyond mere shaping; we offer impeccable finishing options such as chrome plating, zinc plating, or powder coating to enhance both aesthetics and durability.

Our wire bending capabilities encompass a spectrum of processes, ranging from manual jigs and fixtures to sophisticated CNC wire bending machinery. Our skilled operators approach each project with a steadfast commitment to upholding stringent quality standards.

Cutting-Edge Wire Forming Equipment

Equipped with highly automated and precision-driven CNC machinery such as OMCG CNC Wire Bending Machines and IM CNC Wire Bending Machines, AWC Industries excels in custom bending wires of sizes up to 1 inch in diameter. 

Partnering with AWC Industries guarantees meticulous attention to your unique project requirements, with a dedicated focus on prioritizing your objectives. Our technical team, armed with unparalleled expertise, ensures prompt turnaround times without compromising on quality.

Reach out to us today to request a quote or initiate discussions on your project requirements. Experience excellence in metal fabrication with AWC Industries – your trusted partner for superior wire forming solutions.

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