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posted by Frank Wilson on Monday, 07 August 2023 in Metal Fabrication

Your Premier Wire Forming Company

Are you looking for a metal fabricating company that excels in CNC wire bending? Your search ends here! AWC Industries have fine-tuned our processes since 1947, ensuring you are always in capable hands.

Wire forming Chicago

Expertise in Multiple Material Types

As a custom wire form manufacturer, AWC Industries has served diverse industries across Chicago. Whether ferrous materials like steel or non-ferrous materials like aluminum, brass, and copper, our experienced professionals masterfully handle them all.

High-Quality Wire Forming Facilities

At AWC, we take pride in our state-of-the-art CNC wire forming and fabricating facilities. These enable us to deliver superior quality finished products that exceed expectations.

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) wire forming is a process that involves bending wire into specific shapes or designs using specialized machinery controlled by a computer. One of the main advantages of CNC wire forming is its versatility. The process can create everything from simple shapes to intricate designs, and it’s equally effective for producing large quantities of a single design or smaller custom orders. Moreover, the automated process is more efficient and cost-effective than manual wire-forming methods.

From Functional to Decorative Wire Forms

The array of products we cater to is expansive. We’ve got you covered if you need Chair Frames for your furniture business. Our CNC wire forming processes ensure the perfect bend and form every single time, resulting in sturdy, high-quality frames that impress your clientele.

You may be in the automotive industry and require Gearshifts. Our wire-forming services extend to producing intricately formed gearshifts that stand up to daily use, ensuring durability and functionality that enhance the driving experience.

However, our expertise isn’t limited to purely functional products. Aesthetics matter, and our wire-forming services encapsulate this belief. We have significant experience in creating Decorative Wire Forms that could be the highlight of your product or installation. Whether you require intricate designs for home décor items or elaborate forms for your store display, we can realize your vision accurately and creatively.

Finishing for Durability and Aesthetic Appeal

At AWC Industries, we believe that a well-crafted wire-formed product is more than just its shape and functionality. Its final appearance, feel, and durability play an equally important role. We offer comprehensive finishing options. Our finishing processes enhance the aesthetic appeal of our wire-formed products and significantly boost their lifespan.

Powder Coating: For those who value color variety and a smooth, sealed finish, powder coating is perfect. This finishing process involves applying a free-flowing, dry powder to the wire form, cured under heat to form a hard ‘skin.’ The result is an eye-catching, uniform finish resistant to scratching, chipping, and wear and tear. Powder coating also offers an array of color choices, allowing the wire-formed products to blend seamlessly with their environment or stand out per your needs.

By offering this comprehensive finishing option, AWC Industries ensures that your wire-formed products are crafted to your specifications and look, feel, and perform exceptionally well. The end products aren’t merely functional but are pieces of craftsmanship that showcase the blend of industry-leading technology, expert workmanship, and an eye for the finest details.

Contact Us Today

When you reach out to us, we initiate a process to grasp your unique requirements comprehensively. We focus on understanding the technical details and the essence of what you aim to achieve with your project. Our technical team, armed with industry-leading knowledge, will guide you through the process with skill and assurance. Expect your finished goods to be delivered within the shortest possible timeframe without compromising quality. 

Contact the Wire Forming Experts of Illinois here today. We look forward to serving you.

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