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posted by Frank Wilson on Monday, 21 August 2023 in Metal Fabrication

Your Ultimate Destination for Precision CNC Wire Forming

AWC Industries, the leading wire forming manufacturer in Illinois, is well-known for delivering high-quality CNC wire forming and fabrication. Specializing in precision, AWC promises intricacy and expertise up to a 1-inch diameter using the finest CNC Forming equipment.

cnc wire forming

History and Evolution

Established in 1947, AWC started with a simple idea by two brothers – crafting lampshade frames. Over the years, AWC ventured into new realms. The journey has been transformative, from brass scrolls for decorative headboards to point-of-purchase displays and from tractor accessories to robust storage systems for electronic voting booths. With these additions, the company evolved from A-Wire Corporation, subsequently transitioning to A-Wire & Tube Fabricating Corporation, and finally, to the prestigious AWC Industries.

About Precision Forming

Precision Forming, an arm of AWC Industries, boasts advanced CNC wire bending and forming machines, among other top-notch products crucial for rapid and efficient manufacturing. Some of the standout products from our impressive lineup include:

  • Wire Benders/Formers (both CNC & Manual)
  • Tube Benders/Formers (CNC & Manual)

Deep Dive into CNC Wire Bending

Have you ever wondered about the art behind those intricate wire designs? CNC wire bending is the answer. This method employs computer numerical control to manipulate wires into complex structures. Unlike traditional milling, CNC wire bending starts with a solid material, typically aluminum, which is then punched or pressed into desired forms. No wastage and 100% computer precision make it a manufacturer’s go-to choice.

Understanding CNC Wire Forming

Wire forming is pivotal in transforming metal into custom shapes essential for manufacturing processes. AWC Industries, with our expertise, provides wire-forming solutions for a range of materials from steel, brass to copper. Recognizing the significance of wire forming is easy. Not only does it bring aesthetic appeal to products, but it also simplifies usability.

From stamping to punching, wire forming has numerous applications. Its added advantages include:

  • Modern and sleek product appearance.
  • Enhanced user-friendliness.

At AWC, a mix of advanced tools like mandrel wire benders, press wire benders, and more are used to churn out the perfect product. Plus, the results are spectacular with finishing options like chrome plating or powder coating.

How AWC Industries Stands Out

AWC’s process in wire forming is undeniable. Combining state-of-the-art CNC wire-forming facilities and a knack for perfection, AWC ensures top-tier results for up to 1-inch in diameter cables. No matter your requirement – round, oval, square, or rectangle wires- AWC covers you. 

Final Thoughts

AWC Industries isn’t just another wire-forming company; it’s a legacy of precision, quality, and trust. Collaborating with AWC guarantees not just a product but a masterpiece. With our unmatched expertise and swift delivery, your technical projects are bound for unparalleled success.

Contact the Wire Forming Experts of Illinois here today. We look forward to serving you.

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